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What we think about what we do.

D&O’s expertise can loosely be categorised under branding, strategy, illustration, information and community. But what do these mean?



Most people assume that the word ‘brand’ is synonymous with the word ‘logo’. But this isn’t true. If a logo is a face, then a brand is the body that moves that face around. Sure, a logo is important—as the face, it’s what gives the first impression. But the brand is what gives it a reason for being.



The heart and soul of a brand body. Your strategy is what you believe, how it translates to what you do, and why any of it matters. A brand strategy isn’t made of matrices and spreadsheets—it’s made of people. Living brands need living strategies, and living strategies are a journey of constant discovery.


Without ideas, illustration is just wallpaper. But when a picture allows clever ideas to engage, enrich and entertain, it’s a smile in the mind.



The most powerful but under-utilised form of visual storytelling there is, if a picture paints a thousand words then information design explains why those words are important, and how they’re relevant to you. It’s not all maps and flowcharts either—information design can be subtle, surprising and (dare we say it) sexy.


Good design should be accessible to everyone. Our ‘Design it Forward’ philosophy means we take on at least one pro bono client every year. Since 2011 we’ve donated design services to numerous small business startups from plumbers to cake shops, a preschool and an international children’s charity. If you know someone who would benefit from Design it Forward, nominate them here.

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