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Stories for everyone

Client: Evergrace

Anyone who has children will be familiar with the protracted bedtime routine that often accompanies trying to get little ones to GO TO SLEEP.


Parents-of-three and Evergrace founders Brad and Claire Flood tried numerous story and meditation apps to help their children at bedtime, but found a lack of content that would not only soothe their kids but provide them with gentle encouragement that aligned with their Christian values. As an app developer by trade, Brad decided to fill the void himself. Evergrace stories might be intended for kids ... but adults love them as well!


I have the immense pleasure and privilege of creating an illustration for each story. Topics range from going camping, to building sandcastles, to a spider with her own talk show. In a nutshell: an illustrator’s dream come true, and the fulfilment of a long-held childhood dream to get paid just to draw cool stuff.


(Fun fact: I also narrate, sing and play drums in a number of episodes… see if you can find them)

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