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Enabling engineering for tomorrow

Client: Synergic Advisory

In early 2023 Padraic Murphy—a highly experienced civil engineer—embarked on a new venture: Synergic Advisory. After working with D&O whilst at a previous engineering firm, he approached me for advice on creating a brand with substance and integrity at its core.


The biggest challenge with any brand development is making sure it is true to the ‘why’—that is, the reason you do what you do, and why that matters to anybody else. Engineering is a particularly saturated market in WA where Padraic is based, so it was imperative we quickly differentiated from the masses by clearly demonstrating what he does, why he does it, and why it’s important. Added to that, the word ‘Synergic’ on its own is quite ambiguous, so the branding needed to address that potential communication gap as well.


The resultant branding is based on a tangram, which perfectly demonstrates the fundamentals of engineering and problem-solving, and the agility Padraic brings to projects. The ‘circle within a square’ also directly references something Padraic said in our very first workshop: “If you ask for a square but need a circle … I will give you a circle”. This commitment to integrity is why I love working with people like Padraic, and brands like Synergic Advisory.

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