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World Teachers’ Day

Client: NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA)

As the wife of a teacher I am already an advocate for World Teachers' Day, so it was a privilege to be commissioned to design an official NSW campaign that could be used year-on-year (with subtle changes each year), suitable for every school level (ie pre-school, primary and high school).


Now in it's third year, the 2023 theme was ‘uncovering hidden gems’ in the teaching community. The existing design was adapted to included three different gems (representing each schooling stage). These correlated to an interactive map where members of the public could acknowledge a special teacher in their life, with a ‘gem’ being pinned to a map along with a personal message. A series of animations formed the basis of a social media campaign. By all reports, this has been the most widely-adopted and successful World Teachers’ Day campaign NESA has ever produced. Our teachers—gems that they all are—deserve nothing less!

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