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We care about people

Client: Southern Cross Care NSW & ACT

Southern Cross Care NSW & ACT approached D&O to work with strategist Nick Richardson on reviving their existing brand, making it authentic and relevant to clients and staff alike. Key to the process was an entirely new verbal and visual strategy, focussing on taking ownership of the concept of ‘care’ and what it really means. Whilst the logo itself only underwent minor tweaking, the visual language as a whole was significantly updated to include new colours, typefaces and a library of hand-drawn ‘sunshine’ elements—all of which work together to create a notable point of difference between SCC and their competitors. D&O is also responsible for rolling out key brand assets including a signage protocol covering all physical sites, sub-brands for specific developments, numerous collateral items (from wall-sized banners to fridge magnets), and most recently a campaign celebrating their 50-year Golden Jubilee including the design of an 88-page commemorative book.

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